Athens 1890 Hotel & Spa, it consists of 14 rooms, some of them have an outdoor hot tub. The building is equipped with  Spa in  cooperation with Hammam Experience, as well as the Omnivore Restaurant of Kastellorizo company.

The hotel has the most elaborate façade, an impressive wooden staircase and hand painted ceilings as all the ancient architectural elements kept their initiative form. Τhe  architectural project of the restauration , innovation and the astonishing interior design has been carried out by the architectural  and design studio in Greece ,MicroTeam Architects, the architects worked with creativity and passion with much respect to the monumental characteristics of the building, joining forces of the past and the contemporary aesthetics in  excellent balance."

Its location is close  to  Akropolis Hill and just behind Ermou Shopping Street (Athens Historical Centre) make it ideal to experience Athens’ wealth of archaeological monuments, street markets, and culinary life.

The combination of high quality services and the satisfaction of the guest demands is  Athens 1890 Boutique Hotel & Spa priority!