Athens 1890 Hotel & Spa occupies a late 19th century Athenian mansion built by silk trader, Ioannis Mihalopoulos, spanning six levels including an extensive commercial space on the ground and lower ground floors and residential area on the upper 3 levels. 

The building indicates the commercial prosperity of the area at the time it was built. It is connected in the newer urban memory with the operation of a textile store. On the ground floor of the building is preserved the original metal sign with the name of the store (K. Symeonidis). Themistoklis son of Ioannis Mihalopoulos, a lifelong professor of Greek language in the Arsakeion School, and once Member of Parliament, who has also taught privately the sons of King Constantine, has added one of the most elaborate facades for an Athenian private mansion, a statue of goddess Athena discovered in the site of the nearby Varvakeios market and ornamental style windows.